Auto 1 Towing is Omaha's full-service towing and hauling company that is available to assist you in your time of need! 
Our dedicated, professional drivers will treat your vehicle or equipment as if it were their own. We respond quickly and efficiently to get you where you need to be as soon as possible! Our trucks (both Flatbed & Wheel Lift) can tow nearly ANY vehicle: Front, rear, or all-wheel drive. From sport car to full-size 4x4. Even Motorcycles, Boats & Trailers!
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    We Offer:
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Damage Free Towing
  • Wreck Master Certified 
  • Fully Insured Operators
  • Clean Equipment & Drivers
  • Great Service you can't get anywhere else
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What People are saying about us!
​Jeffrey M -
I was extremely pleased with the tow that the owner, Rick, did with my Dad's Jeep that had been in our backyard for almost 20 years.
I called late in the evening, but still received a callback promptly; and even though he made the drive to the property at night to assess the situation, he was confident that he could pluck the Jeep from its corner and tow it to my storage unit without any issue.
He was ready and waiting the next day and deftly winched the vehicle free for the first time in decades. He was able to maneuver his tow truck between a space tight enough to make an alley seem like a freeway, not once but twice, and ensured there was no damage to the lawn, the Jeep, and my property.
In total, the winching and towing took no more than a couple hours, and cost a reasonable amount for the equipment and expertise.
I fully recommend Rick, or his crew, for even the toughest towing jobs!

Lori C -
Excellent, friendly, caring service. Driver Rick was outstanding. Auto1 made it so easy, and reduced my stress. They were accurate and organized.

Dan H -
We have used Auto 1 for years to tow unauthorized vehicles out of our apartment community. They are always prompt and professional. The office staff has always been great to work with. They understand our needs and strict requirements, which helps tremendously when dealing with difficult situations such as towing. I would recommend them to others.

Tabbz M -
I recently became one of their customers and I absolutely love them! So far, they have all been helpful - from the ladies at the front desk, to the guys out on the shop, very nice & polite! I am very impressed and happy with their service. I believe some of the gentlemen at the shop that I talked to are Tim (or is it Jim?), Lucas, and Chris. They were all very pleasant & professional! Absolutely love how they've handled my problems, and made sure I was satisfied, including the ladies at the front (couldn't recall their names). Bless their hearts! I even called in to the store today & spoke to the manager (lady) and informed her how great of a team/staff she has. Keep up the great job! I officially found my mechanic/repair shop!!! Thank you much!

momahoney ‎ - 
I was very impressed with how fast the drivers got to me to help me with my flat tire late at night even with all the complications due to the blown tire they were kind and very helpful and chris worked with me and got my car done quick thanks just really seems like its not enough

Chuck ‎ -
Over the top!. When my son broke down at night in a fairly rough neighborhood in Omaha, the driver beat me to the location and stayed with him until I got there. He didn't have to stay, but wouldn't leave my son alone on the street corner in the area. Thank you so much, the relief I felt was immense, and I have you in my phone now, so I won't even look for another service if I need it.

Shay ‎ - 
Just wanted to say that I was amazed by how quickly your driver arrived to get my car to the repair shop when it wouldn't start! Your prompt service definitely got the process of getting my car fixed going much more quickly. The driver was very friendly, helpful and most of all careful with my vehicle! Thanks for the great deal and excellent service!

Niki ‎ - 
Professional! Friendly! Fast! I am so thankful for the service that the owner Rick provided. SO helpful and personable. Only had to wait a short time and he had my car out of the ditch in no time. I've never had to use a towing company before and will definitely use this service again!!! Will definitely refer my friends when needed

Andrea ‎ - 
I called and they were here within 20 minutes . They gave me 10$ off because of the holidays. The guy who towed my car was friendly and even helped me out with some ideas for other repairs my car needed. Would highly recommend!

Mark ‎ - 
Had car trouble this morning going to work and called Auto 1 and within 30 minutes it was on its way to the shop. Fast and friendly, for the driver and the receptionist!

​Jason ‎ - 
Their towing service was quick, professional, communicative, and helpful. I had no issues.

Collin ‎ - 
When visiting your city recently, my car developed car problems which required the vehicle to be towed. I have towing insurance and the company sent was Auto 1 Towing out of Omaha. What a wonderful experience! The towing truck arrived and in a few minutes had my vehicle lifted up and ready to be towed. The company has a repair shop which meant I did not have to look for a repair shop. By the next day, my vehicle was repaired and ready for me to pick up. The office staff was pleasant and very helpful. Your community and this company is what makes this country great.

LilStar ‎ - 
These people are great! Locked my keys in my car this morning when I was warming it up to go to work. The guy was very nice & professional. He made it out right away and I ended up being only a couple minutes late for work. Definitely a better response time than Pop-A-Lock. Thank you Auto 1... I'm sure I'll end up calling you again :)
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